Roll On: Three Simple Ways To Leave Impression Onto Readers

March 13, 2017

I hated my old theme but been too stressed out to change it (it was meant to be temporary because the template before that was not responding in mobile modes). It is such a good thing to finally open my blog, be at the awe and just head over heels in love with it.

Like seriously, I just open it and scroll mindlessly because I am my blog number one fan.

So, here's the deal. I have this one tip I want to share which I thought would be a good branding effort. Yet at the same time, I have these two other stuffs I want to share as well until I realised that the three of it was actually under the same general idea - leaving impression onto the reader.

Bear in mind that this "tricks" are due to my own observation. 

Let's get started!

Everyone opens multiple tabs during their blog walking routine. We would open everything and then we will be like "where even these 10 tabs come from?". Sometimes I couldn't see the blog's name, just that orange Blogger icon and that's fellas is why my favicon is a black cat and my first tip for the day (quick question, do you notice my favicon was actually a black cat?)

Just look at the tabssssssssss
Some bloggers didn't change the icon so I took the chance to improve the likelihood for people to remember me or just simply feels different like "oh, that's a black cat". That is good enough for me. It isn't only about those multiple tabs but also to catch attention on a blog list.

Fun fact, some bloggers who use their own domain won't have the icon showed on the blog list. Weird huh? 

Actually, it is so damn easy to change it, just check it out HERE. I got mine from a website called freefavicon.

Next thing is using a graphic header. 

I notice everyone go minimalist now and seriously, as compared to how blogging was 5 years ago, these free minimalist templates totally up the game. It is so pretty. However, one day, I'm not sure what blog is it, even though she has a minimalist design but her header was sort of pop art graphic and it really blends well. 

It totally strikes me! Usually, many people, including me, went for a simple header with just words and some little doodles. What happens is that those designs become repetitive. There isn't much choice to look good with it since it always has to be black coloured and usually those handwriting fonts. I thought how this girl was transcending the idea of minimalist design and how I liked it so much. So, what I do, I then open Canva to try and make one. They have this premade design and lots of cool stock photos you can use. I choose the sea because my whole life has been near the sea.

Here are some of the designs I went for before settling on the one I used now. I went crazy with it since all of this are premade - I just change the words.

As you can see, there are different sizes as they have dimensions for all sort of header from one for Tumblr to email and even Facebook cover. You can't really see it now but actually, some design were shorter than others. Mine now is using the Etsy dimension. It was super easy, even if you don't want a new header, just try it for fun.

Ok, that's two things. 

The last one is to share some pop culture that you most passionate about. It must be some pop culture thing so people can easily understand or even better, feel related to. It is not about making a post of what you like but to incorporate it into your blog. I told you in my guilty pleasure confession of why I always have Supernatural's gif in my post - which is some sort of branding effort. What I don't tell you is how I get the idea and thought it is worth the shot. 

It is because I have visited some blogs which use this trick and it totally etched into my memory. I'm not even sure if they do that on purpose. For example Rii's blog  - dumb & dumber with BTS casually matched into her blog. It was surprising even for me to actually like it because stereotypically saying - K-pop fans always bring those extra vibes but she made it seems cool. She even has Harry Potter themed blog list. 

I'm a Slytherin, just FYI. 

Furthermore, it is refreshing to see someone interested in something and proudly shares it as that is literally them showing a piece of their personal life to you. 

With that, it is a wrap. That is my three simple ways to leave impression onto readers.

  1. Personalized favicon
  2. Graphic header
  3. Incorporating some pop culture

Oh, before I forgot, here is a Supernatural gif.

Say Dean to my blog.

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  1. Haha great tips! I used Canva too, for my book covers. You should try checking out how good is your site for others by doing some test. You can use Nibbler or Website Grader. It helps you on what you are lacking and should help for improvement. Have a great day!

    1. This is an even better tips. Thanks a million!

  2. I love these tips! And yes, I'm a HUGE fan of Canva because they have the prettiest templates to make almost anything. :)

    1. I know right. The stock photos collection were so good too!

  3. Mai guna canva untuk setiap pinterest-friendly-photos kat awal entry tu, hihihi. Canva mmg awesome.

    Apapun,setuju dengan tips ni...So blog Mai okay tak? Kekeke

    1. Sekali je beria edit gambar awal entry pastu tak buat dah. Malas amat hehe. Header mai cantikk, suka bunga kat tepi tu and custom made favicon pon sesuai sbb tally dgn nama blog. Mmg akan ingat lah kalau pegi blog mai.

    2. ops! That header tu beli, dari blogger Mellya, kehkehkeh. Kalau pergi blog yang header cantik kebanyakan hasil tangan mellya la.

      Favicon tu je buat sendiri, trademark Mayy Jie. Hehehe.

      Thanks dear.

  4. I saw some blog made their own favicon and I wonder how they managed to make one.. Q_Q
    p/s:I love your current header. XD

    1. Use some apps like pixlr or even photoscape. Power point pon boleh just save a png. Then just upload it. If it's too big you can always resize it. But if you want some personalized one, hired someone to make it. I love my header too lol.

  5. i am a fan of my own blog too. hahahaha :D
    true, some websites/blogs do leave a really good impression and make you remember the first time discovering the site. :) btw, nice tips!

    love all the headers! <3

    1. Everyone should be their biggest blog fan so virtual high five! First impression matters and since I didn't have specific niche, I gotta improve this part of me. Thanks for the compliments hee

  6. Woahx, im actually impress on your header made from Canva. Nailed it. I've never read HP enough to select my own school house. I may be Hufflepuff but I think am a Ravenclaw also. hahaha.

    1. I didn't read it actually but if your go to they have this test that will sort you into houses. They have apps to see what wand would suited you and even what shape your patronus is.

  7. Thanks for the tips given! I got my icon from favicon too! haha. I was like "Ohhh there's a pen, and it can portray the blog title". I'm too lazy to create my own logo to tbh. I like it simple but nice! your blog is one of the best examples :)

    1. you are a thing now syed so i'm not even sure my tips would mean anything but of course your welcome!

  8. Couldn't deny with any of these! But the most vital part is the content, rite? The quality of the content and the spaciousness on that part. hehe. at least to me =p

    1. Hi Syasandeul, love seeing you here! Yes, nothing can rivals good content. That would left an even better impression for sure.


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