Poem: What to do. What to do.

10/14/2016Nurul Afifah

I am undone.
I am messy.
I am a ship without direction.
I am a ship with burden.
I am lost.
I got a degree back in my pocket.
Studies ought to give success.
What does success really is?
What to do. What to do.
I got a hope from each soul.
Expecting, knowing, I'll be a success.
A future already drawn.
What to do. What to do.
I got a heart burning passionately.
I want to hunt to conquer to live.
Grab a success that I carve on my own.
What to do. What to do.
I am lost.
A lost cause.
Drifting away.
Please grip me tight.
Raise me from this perdition.
I don't need a destination.
I just want courage.

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